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Mary Anne Smrz, Founder of Red Kayak InstituteThe Red Kayak Institute was established in 2013 by author Mary Anne Smrz. Mary Anne is an avid paddler who finds depth and meaning in her life from the solitude of kayaking and spending time in the restorative sanctuary of the natural world. By kayaking and experiencing the healing aspects of being on the water, Mary Anne has processed deep grief, loss and unexpected change in her life. Now, as founder of the Red Kayak Institute, she shares her insights with others through retreats for women in transition, encouraging them to explore their inner landscape and paddle on through life’s changes.

Mary Anne has written two books about her time on the water, Reflections from the Red Kayak: Thoughts on Life and A Season on the Water: Reflections from the Red Kayak. Mary Anne’s books can be found at Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com and her website at paddlinon.com.

All proceeds from the sale of her books benefit the Red Kayak Institute.

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