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Red Kayak Institute


Introducing people facing challenges to the healing benefits of kayaking. Just add water.

Institute programs are geared toward people facing challenges or “transitions” – physical or emotional – who would benefit from time on the water and the healing benefits of nature. These life transitions may include illness, losing a loved one, or facing an addiction.

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Life’s Transitions

The Red Kayak Institute is dedicated to getting people in transition on the water to experience the healing aspects of kayaking, primarily processing grief through life’s changes. Our society has lost the art of ritual, of honoring both the chosen and the unwanted transitions in our lives. With each change brings new opportunity for growth, but it also brings loss. How we process that loss is important for our next steps on life’s journey. We, at the Red Kayak Institute, honor those changes by pausing and giving ourselves the gift of time to reflect.

Why a Kayak on the Water?

Our connection to water is elemental, from our time in our mother’s womb to our human bodies being 70% water throughout our lives. The immediacy of a kayak to the water brings us closer to what is essential, to our true nature. It is during this time on the water, that we allow things within to surface, and we can let go of what is holding us back. Many former retreaters have experienced the healing aspects of kayaking through their time on the water with us. Some have found a peacefulness they were seeking, some the ability to let go of grief, some able to better recognize and acknowledge the significance of transitions in their lives. All were able to reclaim a part of themselves and were grateful to have this retreat experience.

Currently, the Red Kayak Institute collaborates with organizations whose constituents would benefit from our programs.

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16 on Verde River

“Take a good course in the water and air, and in the external youth of nature, you might find your own.”

John Muir