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  • Linda Conlin and Sharon Kelleher
    Edward Cancer Center

    Mary Anne’s message, the ceremonies, and journaling in her book “Reflections from the Red Kayak” turned this event into so much more than merely a good day on the river. This was truly a retreat from treatment, worries, and challenges, and we were able to bask in the healing power of nature with others who understand the journey.

  • Retreat Participant

    “I had the perfect sense of peace paddling during the silence. There were times when I rested my paddle across the kayak and allowed the current to carry me while my eyes were closed. I felt vibrant and conscious yet completely relaxed and calm.”

  • Retreat Participant

    “I cherish the opportunity to get into the quiet of nature. It stills my mind, and I feel grounded.”

  • Retreat Participant

    “It was an awesome experience for me. During this process, I felt like I was embracing the items that belonged in my boat while tossing out those that no longer serve me.”

  • Carol Reuter, Founder/Guide for Trailbound Trips
    Carol Ruhter
    Founder/Guide for Trailbound Trips

    “Thank you for your terrific leadership at Trailbound Trip’s moonlight paddle in August 2013. You are great at relating paddling insights with life lessons, giving us poignant thoughts to ponder while out on the water…and your stone-throwing reflection/activity was spot-on. An added bonus for the evening was when you swooped in and beautifully rescued a capsized paddler. You have a gift for sharing the joy of kayaking and life…and touching women’s hearts. Thank you! We can’t wait to work with you again!”

  • Mike Condon
    Retreat Participant

    Notes From Ponder Cove

    The water is my world. When calm, all seems peaceful. Rough waters occur time to time. I must try to think calm, smooth waters to make my life more meaningful, restful, and less stressful.
    Paddle fast and you will reach a safe cove. Try to paddle slow more often so as not to miss the beauty of life along the way. Also the faster you paddle the more tired you become. You will still meet the journey’s end but you will have missed so much along the way!
    Our collective goal is the same: to reach safe harbor, see our fellow travelers and gaze on the face of the “Great Harbor Master” of souls.